Gonzalo Villota

Fotoarkitekt specializes in the creation of inspiring imagery for the hospitality, retail, real estate, interior design and architectural products industries. The company has garnered special attention for its unique work, exquisite visual taste, lighting techniques, methods and abilities.

Fotoarkitekt has pioneered techniques that allow total control over every pixel on an image. We seamlessly fuse art and technology during our creative process to achieve images that convey our clients’ marketing visions.

Commercial photographer and digital artist, Gonzalo Villota started his studies in architecture and design back in 1994. During his studies he took upon photography (once just a hobby) in a more serious level, therefore, drastically changing his career path. He then decided to put architecture on hold and pursue photography full-time. He graduated from the Art Institute with top honors and awards. He has since then dedicated his life to creating outstanding images.

True to his architectural background, Gonzalo observes superb care in the composition of a photograph. Dimension and color become second nature as he is able to view projects not only as a photographer, but also from a designer/architect perspective.


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